Kōmon to be featured in Strive for Perfection: The Official Platinum Jubilee Edition!

Just under a year ago, on the 5th of November 2021, I received an email that would lead me on an exhilarating editorial and advertising adventure. 

The Royal Publisher St James’s House contacted me. Following a withdrawal, I had the opportunity to have a profile of myself and my company in the annual publication of the International Club for Rolls-Royce & Bentley enthusiasts (RREC). The 2022 issue was particularly sought after as it was the special edition dedicated to the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

I took a week to reflect on a professional and financial level of course, but also on a more personal one. Was I ready to take Kōmon to the next level?  Did I feel legitimate enough to present my small business (just turned into a LLC) and my services to such prestigious clients? I also consulted my good friend and client manager Laurence Huneau. 

Since a school trip to Jersey and then my language stay in Bath in the early 1990s, I have always been very attracted to the United Kingdom. The discovery of London in 2000 was a revelation and even though life only allowed me to go back there at the very end of 2016, I have returned many times since.
Scotland is also very dear to my heart and I dream of one day living in Edinburgh. As a dual Swiss and French national, there is probably still some misunderstanding about the British mentality! However, their insular yet open-minded nature speaks volumes to the Swiss in me!  I also appreciate their way of working. It was also a logical next step after the advert in the National Geographic Traveller UK. It also prompted me to do an article in a special issue of the Guardian and again in the National Geographic Traveller UK

So I accepted and it all happened very quickly. I had the great privilege of being interviewed by the Royal Editor Robert Jobson who was responsible for writing the Kōmon piece. I was very impressed by his professionalism, his immense general knowledge and his kindness. Reading the text he wrote after our discussion was a real Christmas present before its time. His expert pen was able to transcribe Kōmon’s philosophy and raison d’être often better than I could. 

So next Friday, October 7, 2022, this exceptional work will be unveiled. I think that will be with a twinge of sadness for everyone involved, on the eve of the one-month anniversary of the Queen’s death. However, as St James’s house has reminded us with modesty and dignity, it will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of this sovereign who marked the whole world and to celebrate her life. 

While waiting for the echoes of this event and the text written by Robert Jobson take a good look at the photos below! I am the author and these are the ones I proposed to illustrate the chapter about Kōmon. Which ones do you think were chosen? 

Contact me if you wish to use any of them for your personal wallpapers, I will gladly send them to you. 


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